Mind in Croydon

Jeremy Vine visits Boxercise

Duke McKenzie sparring with Jeremy Vine

Duke McKenzie sparring with Jeremy Vine

In March BBC Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine and representatives from Comic Relief came to visit the Active Minds’ Boxercise project at Duke McKenzie’s gym. The purpose of the visit was to record a short piece for Jeremy Vines’ weekly show on Radio 2 and broadcast it during the week long Sport Relief fundraising campaign, to explain to Comic Relief’s donors the types of project that their money helps to support.

We invited Brian and Steph, who have both previously attended the six week Boxercise programme, to be interviewed about their experience and how engaging with the project has really helped them deal with their mental health issues and improve wellbeing. It took courage for them to give the interview but we are so glad they did; they both spoke openly and honestly about themselves and the benefits of taking part, and hopefully will inspire other people with mental health problems to give it a try.

Due to time constraints they only used Steph’s interview in the broadcast, it was only 2 minutes long, but we are very pleased with end product – short but sweet and importantly shows that our Boxercise project can be life-changing.


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