Mind in Croydon

Smoking? Vaping? Still Craving?

Stopping completely, improves your mental health, adds years to your life and puts more £££ in your pocket!

Let us help you with free support and advice.

We run a drop in Thursdays 3-4pm Fairfield House.

Trained advisors will listen to you and discuss your smoking history and current patterns. Based on this information they will work with you to set up your personalised plan. The aim is to stop smoking completely whether you cut down gradually, or bite the bullet and stop altogether.

The advisors will give you free, safe products to replace the nicotine and will also meet with you or be in touch with you every week to cheer you on and help pick you up on tough days.

It’s a drop-in, so other smokers will also be there to support you…and you can support them!

Help is available for up to 12 weeks…who knows, you might not even need this long!

When can I start?


Runs every Thursday at Fairfield House, 10 Altyre Road, East Croydon, Surrey, CR0 5LA

Keen to join? Let us know 020 8253 0200 or email hub@mindincroydon.org.uk

View the poster here


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