Minding Money Debt Poem Book

The poems in this publication were written by people who had experienced debt which had had an impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

This group came together as part of a wider project run by Mind in Croydon which enabled people to manage their finances and acquire budgeting skills. A series of workshops were adapted from the Quaker Social Action’s “Made of Money” course. The project was funded by Comic Relief.

Many of the contributors had not written poetry since school days. Writing a poem together was a good way for the group to start to express their feelings about debt. No-one was asked to say whether they were in debt or give any details about their own position. We acknowledged that debt is an emotional, not purely financial, issue.

Often people would be asked to describe how debt made them feel.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this anthology. Special thanks to the participants who worked together and supported one another to express their thoughts and feelings on this often sensitive topic creating strong and powerful poems.

Please click the image below to view the debt poems.

The printed copies will be launched at the Mind in Croydon AGM which takes place at Fairfield House, 10 Altyre Road, East Croydon, CR0 5LA on Thursday 11th October starting at 12pm.  If you would like to attend please RSVP to cat@mindincroydon.org.uk or book free tickets on EventBrite

Minding Money Project Update

The Minding Money Project held its final Financial Literacy workshop on budgeting and learning how to manage finances.

Staff attended the last session adopting a wealth of knowledge to continue providing support and  information.

The Minding Money Project will be shortly publishing an anthology of debt poems by service users and we hope to launch this in October.

With regret, our funding with Comic Relief for this project has come to an end.  We have had fantastic three years delivering this to our service users in a fun and interactive way!

We would like to thank all participants for attending and our stakeholders for the ongoing support throughout the lifetime of the project.

Minding Money’s First Year

“I was not confident dealing with money, in fact my lack of ability to manage my money has contributed to suicidal thoughts for most of my adult life…  
I feel more confident but not overly confident. The word “budget” used to frighten me but now I realise it can be simple. My goal is to be in credit after all my outgoings. My financial papers, bills, statements etc. are now more organised than before.”

This is a quote from one of the attendees of our Minding Money workshops. If you would like to find out more about this service please click the image below to see our first year report.


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Minding Money Project is looking for a Volunteer Workshop Facilitator

The Minding Money Project is looking for a Volunteer Workshop Facilitator.

The purpose of this role is to facilitate and deliver Minding Money budgeting workshops to a small group of mental health service users applying the Quaker Social Action, Made of Money training package to deliver the workshops. Workshops are to be delivered twice a week (Monday’s and Thursday’s) 10.00am – 2.30pm.

Click here for more information and application forms.

If you are interested please call on 020 8253 8218 or email,mindingmoney@mindincroydon.org.uk 

Minding Money Project

The Minding Money Project’s next workshop is due in May.

To register your interest call 020 8253 8218 or use the online registration form found here

The last workshop was a great success! See the debt poem below produced by the group:

Mind in Croydon – Orchard House~ 
February 2016

 Debt Poem

 Woke up this morning in a dark, dark cloud,

I can hear this voice screaming out loud,

as I await the fall of the brown letter on the mat,

“I’m in debt! I’m in debt! I’m in the debt” said the cat,

Vet bills to pay for my broken paw,

So much money and we have no more,

I really feel so very, very poor,

Credit, credit said the anguished cat,

Maybe we should have some of that,

Longing to be free of this struggling debt,

Minding Money is my passport to freedom

as yet!

Minding Money Workshop