Pension Protection Fund Deliver Festive Cheer

Once again, our very good friends at the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) have exceeded our expectations with their kindness and generosity. Today they visited the Hub with Christmas Hampers for the members and a massive pile of Christmas gifts for the children of members. Thank you so much to everyone at the PPF for their kindness, thoughtfulness and for making Christmas go with a swing.

PPF Donates Computers to Mind in Croydon

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On 31st October there was an official unveiling of the new computer room at Fairfield House. The room will give members access to first rate IT which will help them in so many ways from improving their skills and confidence on-line to being able to deal with on-line benefit claims. The room has been made possible by the donation of 30 computers from the Pension Protection Fund as part of their on-going support for Mind in Croydon. As well as the computer room at Fairfield House, staff at Mind in Croydon received upgrades to their office machines. Chair of Mind in Croydon, John Pestell, said, “It was a great pleasure to see PPF at Fairfield House once again helping Mind in Croydon. Their generosity know no bounds and we are so pleased with the gift of computers which allows us to offer our clients the very latest in technology. That said PPF do so much for us above and beyond this gift and that it is greatly appreciated by all at Mind in Croydon. Thank you.

Simon Liste, Chief Technology Officer at the PPF said: “It was truly amazing and so rewarding to see the happiness and excitement of those that use the Mind Hub, when the computer room was unveiled. It makes us proud and honoured, as an organisation to be able to help Mind in Croydon in their journey and purpose

Christmas and New Year Service Times

Active Minds will be closed from Friday 23rd December 2016 until Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

If you have been referred to Active Minds please be aware some activities will have longer breaks over the Christmas period.

Please do contact Active Minds team on 020 82538208 or email for individual group running information 


Mind in Croydon Advocacy Service will be closed for new referrals from Monday 19th December 2016 until Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

The last day for allocation of referrals will be Monday 12th December 2016.

There will be a limited service available over the phone for queries however  no new referrals will be allocated until Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

The IMHA’s will be present on the Units as usual up to and including Thursday 15th December 2016.

A limited service will be available over the telephone for enquiries. 


The Counselling Service will be closed from Wednesday 21st December 2016 until Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

Charity Shops

The Addiscombe and Enterprise Shops will be closed from 2pm Saturday 24th December 2016. Addiscombe Shop will reopen on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 and The Enterprise Shop will remain closed for refurbishments.

The Employment Support Service will be closed from Friday 23rd December 2016 until Tuesday 3rd January 2017.



Welfare Benefits

The Welfare Benefits Service will be closed from Friday 23rd December 2016 until Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Saturday 17th December 
Strictly Come Hub – Dancing Competition

Monday 19th December 
Maths, Choir, Drama & Chess

Tuesday 20th December 

Wednesday 21st December 
Christmas Dinner – Croydon Park Hotel (Meeting 11.30pm at Fairfield House)

Thursday 22nd December 
Carol Singing (From 12.30pm at Fairfield House)

Friday 23rd December 
Hub Christmas Party (10am-2pm)

Saturday 24th December 
Hub Opening – (10am-2pm)

Sunday 25th December 
Christmas Day – Hub Closed

Monday 26th December 
Bank Holiday – No Groups

Tuesday 27th December 
Bank Holiday – No Groups

Wednesday 28th December 
Hub Opening – (10am-4pm)

Thursday 29th December 
Hub Assessments

Friday 30th December 
Hub Assessments

Saturday 31st December 
New Year’s Eve Roast – (10am-2pm)

January 2017

Sunday 1st January 
New Year Day – Sunday

Monday 2nd January 
Bank Holiday – No Groups

Tuesday 3rd January 
Staff Meeting

Wednesday 4th January 
Hub Day – (10am-4pm)

Brit School/Mind in Croydon Choir

Mind In Croydon is teaming up with the Brit School to form a choir starting 7th June, with a performance on 9th/10th July.

If you would like to be part of this exciting project please come along to the meeting for more details!

Monday 23rd May 

Fairfield House 
10 Altyre Road 
East Croydon 

Contact Matthew for more information on: 

Tel: 020 8688 1210 

Fashion Show & Big Sale…


Because on Thursday 11 December, our premises (opposite East Croydon Station) will be transformed into a fabulous fashion show and huge sale of our best donated clothes and fashion accessories. Doors open to the public, and we have been keeping the most desirable secondhand goodies donated to our shops for this special event. You will find lots of popular high street fashion labels under one roof. But the best thing is that by buying from Mind in Croydon at this exciting event, you will be helping those with mental health problems in the borough of Croydon. All monies raised go straight into services such as employment support, therapeutic activities and counselling for people in need in our Borough.

Social inclusion is often talked about – the need for everyone to mix in our community to gain a better understanding a respect of each other. Here, at Mind in Croydon it really happens at events such as this. Plus, there will be cake (and tea, coffee and sandwiches for sale)

Please come and support us on the day by bringing along a heavy purse and going away with a lighter one knowing you have bagged a terrific garment. But most of all come to this event and know you have made a difference to the person sitting next to you on the bus or standing in the queue at the supermarket who has a mental health problem and needs your help. All of us need help at some time, you can give it by coming along….

We look forward to seeing you:

WHERE: at Fairfield House, 10 Altyre Road, East Croydon CR0 5LA
WHEN: Thursday 11 December 2014
OPENING TIMES: 10am to 4pm
SHOW TIMES: 11am, 1pm, 3pm
: All day

DRESS TO IMPRESS COMPETITION: Dress a mannequin with a chance of winning a prize for the most impressive display

RAFFLE: enter to win clothing and accessories

FURTHER ENQUIRIES: Phone Peter Phillips on 020 8688 1210