“So I Speak” poem

so i speak

Amanda Brown-Bennett has volunteered with Mind in Croydon in the past and continues to work with us supporting our volunteer counsellors.  She created the poem, So I Speak which can be viewed here.

It really breaks my heart to observe many of the ongoing tensions we currently face, and for me, the saddest part has to be the naivety that we have in understanding just how prevalent injustice and inequality is within our social institutions. As a person of colour, what particularly concerned me was how I operate within this system, and having being challenged in a number of ways, came to realise just how much I had allowed my environment to silence me, suppress my cultural identity and personal convictions.
​The ‘So I speak poem’ was my attempt to speak out and finally overcome the silencing that had me bound.

You can follow the So I Speak project on instagram @soispeak_project) and Facebook (@SoISpeakProject).

Immersive Spring Show by Music Relief

immersive spring show

A 360° DIY transformative, interactive, gallery experience that brings together the best of music, art, augmented, and virtual reality. Sound tracked to a special rendition of Bill Withers – ‘Lean On Me’ and Ben E King – ‘Stand By Me’ performed by music students, Music Relief ambassadors, as well as featured tracks from established and up and coming artists, using the complex interplay between music and technology to shape your emotions and take you on a cathartic storytelling experience.

In addition, they are also inviting submissions from young people to showcase their artistic talents The shortlisted pieces will be exhibited in their virtual gallery. The themes are ‘Positivity and Mental Health’, highly relevant given the current global situation surrounding COVID-19. They are accepting entries in the form of poems, spoken word, creative writing, as well as photos or videos of sculptures, graffiti work, drawings, graphic design, illustration, photography, and paintings. Entries can be submitted to office@music-relief.com. Music Relief understand the value of arts and culture, and so aim to provide young people with as many opportunities as possible to develop, share and celebrate their creative skills. Entries are open to youths aged up to 25.

This virtual event will take place Saturday 11th July @ 1pm and will be streamed worldwide to promote unity and solidarity with the global community.

Please note: The virtual event will take place on YouTube and is accessible for all. However, for an enhanced immersive experience you can also watch using Google Cardboard.

Tickets are available here.

Mayor of Croydon Gala Dinner Change

Mind in Croydon is delighted to be one of the Mayor’s chosen charities that he is supporting in 2019/20.

Unfortunately due to COVID19 the Mayor will be unable to have his Gala Dinner.

As a result the Mayor has decided to do one last fundraiser for his chosen charities in conjunction with 4 local restaurants (Chat House; Urban Guj; Bagatti’s; and Zafran) with an opportunity for you to have a conversation with him as a final farewell.

The idea is that there will be a set menu which you can choose from (see Menu’s below) and a percentage of the proceeds will go to the Mayor’s charities. Once you have placed an order you can request a code from the restaurant which will enable you to join the Mayor for a conversation on Sunday 5th July 2020 via Zoom for 30 minutes. Slots are from 6.30pm – 8.30pm depending on the restaurant code.

How it will work:

  • Place an order at your preferred restaurant mentioning ‘The Mayor’s Charity Gala Diner’ and request a code
  • Receive delicious food
  • Email: humayun.kabir@croydon.gov.uk with your code for a link to join him for a conversation

Zoom Timings:

Chat House: 6.30 – 7pm
Urban Guj: 7 – 7.30pm
Bagatti’s: 7.30 – 8pm
Zafran: 8 – 8.30pm
You can try a menu from these 4 restaurants multiple times. Food can be ordered anytime from now till Sunday 5th July 2020.

Mr Mayor hopes you will help him fundraise one last time and join him for a final farewell as Mayor.


Chat House Menu

Urban Guj Menu

Bagatti’s Menu

Zafran Menu

Carers Week Hampers


During Carers Week 8th-14th June, we acknowledged those carers known to Mind in Croydon by delivering some Pamper Hampers to people. 1.4 million people provide over 50 hours of unpaid care per week all of whom make an enormous contribution to society.


Mind in Croydon provides a Counselling service for Carers as well as a Support Service.

For further information on Carers Counselling please click here.

For further information on Carers Support please click here.

We recently uploaded information on Understanding Stress For carers , which can viewed on our Mind in Croydon YouTube page.

Reminder regarding our Addiscombe Charity Shop


Due to the government guidelines our charity shop in Addiscombe currently remains closed.

We recently had a complaint regarding items left on the pavement outside the shop. Please do not leave donations outside the door as we will not be taking them during this time.

We look forward to receiving them once the shop reopens.

In the meantime, if you would like to make a financial donation you can do so by clicking here.

Friday 22nd Food Parcels


Today our Hub team and the Croydon Fire Services made another successful food parcel delivery to our existing clients.

IMG_2783 _

“Thank you for arranging for me to receive a food present today. Such a lovely gesture in these difficult times. I have to report that the bread was delicious and was superb for bacon sandwiches at lunchtime … everything was great.”

Food Parcels Positive Feedback

Our Social Networking Team are still working alongside the Croydon Fire Services to deliver food parcels weekly.  We have received a mixture of positive feedback from the recipients.


“Thank you for my food parcel and hot meal. I just ate the hot meal and thoroughly enjoyed it, as eating well right now is so important but can be a challenge to achieve on a daily basis and especially during lockdown.”

“Well done Mind in Croydon at the Social Networking Service and the Organisations that you are working with.”

“I am also very grateful for the Counselling Support you have provided for me.”

One of our clients, Nadine, was very thankful to the team.

“Thank you so much, it means so much, hope you all keeping well.”

nadine food parcel

We still need donations to enable us to continue this service so if you can support us please think about visiting https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/covidfoodparcels and supporting us.